This dictionay or entry (...) appears to be missing


Hi all,

Got a problem I cannot fix these days.
I completely reseted my Yotaphone early august, resintalled all my backups
and flashcards, my user dict, and everything seemed fine.

I reviewed one of my flashcards'list this week, and, unexpectedly, a lot of entries gave this message back to me:
"The dictionary or entry that this card links to appears to be missing or unavailable."
Still, all my dictionaries are here, I checked all their details and didn't find a clue.

When I search for "incomplete" cards, I find...4213 cards. (??)


Hi shaluig,

one source of error I could think of is that the user dictionaries now have different three-letter abbreviations to the ones they had before.

You should be able to solve this by reassigning all the incomplete cards to your user dictionaries in Batch > Remap to dictionary. You could do it in passes: First, the largest dictionary, then search for incomplete cards again, then the second-largest, and so on, until no incomplete cards remain. This isn't perfect, because some cards might be assigned to the wrong dictionaries, but it's a start.




Oh, thank you very very much for your prompt & accurate answer, Shun !! :)
I am workin at the library today, I will carefully follow your intructions this evening, thanks again !


Wow, Shun you saved my day, even more than that: you saved my week! :D
I didn't even have to go the whole way through all the passes, just remaped the incomplete cards to the Grand Ricci and....zim! all 4213 cards were remaped in something like...two seconds!
It's extraordinary, now I can go through my reviewing routine again, thanks a lot, Shun, wish you a nice week-end! :cool:


I had the same issue immediately after importing a new word list. I removed all of the installed dictionaries and reinstalled the dictionaries which resolved the problem for current/future imports.