Thesaurus, antonyms & synonyms


There are lots of dictionary currently available. And I've purchased the following already:
  1. ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary
  2. ABC Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs
  3. ABC English-Chinese Dictionary
  4. Duogongneng Chengyu Cidian
  5. KEY Chinese Dictionary
  6. New Century English-Chinese
  7. Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters (Essentials Edition)
  8. Oxford Chinese Dictionary
  9. Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary
  10. Tuttle Learner's Chinese-English Dictionary
  11. Xiandai Hanyu Dacidian
  12. Xiandai Hanyu Guifan Cidian
(The ones not part of the Pro bundle are in bold).

But there isn't a single thesaurus. Antonyms and synonyms are a great way for one to acquire vocab:

May I request for a thesaurus please?

Thanks Mike!
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The only thesaurus mentioned in that thread is not really a thesaurus.

We actually had one for a little while which we offered as an experimental free add-on but we eventually concluded that the data wasn't comprehensive enough to be useful and didn't renew the license; honestly, for this to be helpful to our users it needs to be both comprehensive and up-to-date.


Appreciate your candor, and the fact that you only sell add-ons which pass your QC.

Hope you'll find a good one soon!