the 5000 most used chinese characters!!!FINISHED

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    Note that 资 (zi) ranks as #13 in 5000 Common Characters.xls but is #257 in Jun Da's frequency list at . What I'm hoping to do is add a column for common bigrams, trigrams and quadgrams using a macro utilitiy and to colour cells of characters I've studied possibly adding their flashcard source.

    By the way, I've reconfigured the file so that they're all in one column in one worksheet.

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    There's something strange about this and every other frequency-ranked list I've come across!!! :(

    Seems the sample from which they were derived was not large nor diverse enough to include many common characters. I thought Jun Da's 9,933 one would be more than adequate but it seems even less representative than the one offered on this thread. Either I'm going to continue searching for one or merge the ones I have. I was hoping to highlight the characters from my Pleco flashcards (in Excel using a script) and add a column(s) for common bigrams, trigrams, and quadgrams.
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    For those, like me, who want to learn simplified and traditional characters side-by-side, here is a list of headword only simplified and traditional top 5000 characters based on PebbleChamp's original doc. I have not yet imported these as flashcards, but hopefully this does the trick. If others find this useful, so much the better.

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    Thanks a lot for this, really...

    I was using the old deck and some of the words(mostly because they were traditional) didn't pop up to their simplified version due to the dictionaries giving them different entries (I'm talking about the 么/麽 mo/me so far but there might be other rogue words, mostly archaic ones have this issue I think)...this saved me big time, I'm going to categorize this list when I'll have time!
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    A very useful deck but after I import it, the flashcards just have two or three lines of definition and they are missing some meanings. How do I solve this problem?
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    Make sure that the right dictionary (probably Pleco C-E) is on top of the list of dictionaries in the Import screen. To fix your already imported cards, go into Organize Cards / Edit / Batch / Remap.
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    Thank you very much, the problem has been solved.

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