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Thank you to pleco developers. I enjoy testing myself. Currently I have chosen HSK levels 1,2,3 & 4, 50 "cards" (Mandarin simplified), then keep repeating until I have them all correct. It's a good arrangement, I enjoy doing this, usually 2 or 3 times a day. I see my Chinese improving. However I'd love to see a few tweaks. For example, at the moment I usually get between 25 & 40 correct, then try them again and again. Usually after 4 or 5 rounds I have them all right (occasionally 3 rounds). I'd like a comment on that in the results box, something like " It took you 5 rounds to get them all correct". Would it be possible to implement something like this? Also, I've noticed that some of the tones are wrong for certain characters. I started making a list of all the ones I noticed that are incorrect. But I'm only a novice, so I'm sure many others have also noticed this.

It's great that you can undo a wrongly given score, but you can't undo it if it's the last one that's wrongly marked!

In the results box, what does "average easiness" mean?

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Thanks - this is an interesting idea, it's much too late to get it into 4.0 but might be possible in a 4.x update at any rate.

Good point about undoing the very last score though I'm not quite sure what sort of UI we could offer for that. (maybe a way to review the results of an entire test after the fact and undo any of them?)

Average easiness - the average easiness factor of cards studied during the test. (easiness factor = second-order SRS interval, i.e. the factor (divided by 40, by default) by which intervals are multiplied on a correct answer)