Synonyms frequency

Hello all,

I couldn't find whether this question had already been asked or answered before:
- In a dictionary entry, in the WORDS tab, are the synonyms and antonyms sorted/ranked by frequency?
- If they are not, is there an option to sort them so, like there is for "words beginning", and "words containing"?

Thanks a lot!
Hi Tatarik,

I believe it isn't possible yet because the frequency data are still incomplete. (Mike will have to tell you.)

For what it's worth, I sometimes use this little trick for synonyms:
  1. Look up the Chinese word you’d like to find synonyms for.
  2. In the DICT tab, long-press the English word which comes closest in meaning to the Chinese synonym you’re looking for.
  3. Tap on the Magnifying Glass icon, or the square box icon with an arrow in Android, then change to English or English full-text search if necessary.
  4. You should see a lot of synonyms.
For antonyms, this doesn’t work directly, of course.