Syncing Between Devices

Hey Folks,

First, as always, thanks for a killer product.

Second, I haven't checked in a year or two and I figured I'd follow up. As of now, is there any way to sync cards and scorefiles between devices? Currently, it seems like the only way to do it is to continuously export cards back and forth. It's a bit too clunky to do all the time. I'm imagining an Evernote-esque sync function type thing. Any word on that?


I want to ask how long this has been around, but I also don't want to know. Too much potential heartache.

You guys rule. Thanks!
While I'm here, any shot you guys are thinking of a simple data graphing display function for srs activity over time? Even something like # of cards per day or week or whatever over time would be interesting.
Great. I hear your philosophical objects, and I think you make good points about srs with vocab.

Some unsolicited thoughts: Now, I only do full sentence cards--never individual words. All of my cards are ones I've made myself mining sentences from books or TV or movies or news, what have you. Often I take directly from the web or doc reader. I used to take from the dictionary examples, and still do in a tough spot, but the lack of context usually makes it difficult to retain comparatively speaking. Downloading decks of vocabulary or other peoples' sentences always seemed to go against the principles explaining why immersion learning works, particularly with how experienced (or second-hand experienced, via TV) context informs our understanding and integration of a word, phrase, idea, or grammatical point.

People who use the downloaded hsk word or sentence decks have told me they have to in order to pass the test, that they can't do what I'm doing. I passed the hsk 6 in a touch under 3 years of study without actually studying specifically for it. I think that's about the average time for classroom learners, too? Not sure, but it felt like a fine pace and was much more enjoyable than eating raw flashcards.


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Context actually is something I'm excited about doing more with - we're tentatively planning to start logging the place where you added a word/sentence to flashcards from, and for words at least to also log the circumstances of subsequent lookups. Even with location, at least on iOS - you'd literally be able to pull up a map of every place you'd ever looked up a particular word.

(on Android, location logging support would probably be Android-6-only, since we don't want people refusing to install our app because they don't understand why we need access to their location - Android only gained opt-in permission support in Android 6)
I know this is an old thread, and also a huge longshot, but is there any way to sync flashcards between Android and iOS? I usually review flashcards on my phone but I read on my iPad, and have tons of saved cards from reading. Any way to do this?

Also, regarding the context idea, have you ever considered saving the context if something was saved from the reader? Like saving the sentence the word came from kind of thing? I would absolutely love that feature, and would buy that as an add on in a heartbeat.


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Not automatically, no. We do eventually plan to roll out our own (paid) sync service but that's likely still a ways off.

Reader context saving: that should be coming in 4.0.


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No, actually we don't even recommend that one on iOS anymore (and have removed all references to it from our app product page) because iCloud has gotten too unreliable. We're hoping to eventually launch our own sync service on both platforms (sometime after 4.0 is out).