SuperMemo with Pleco Help



Since I've read so much about SuperMemo on this forum. I've decided to try out combining Pleco with SuperMemo 2004 and see if I can improve my learning, since they mention that the repetition spacing on SM is similar to Pleco's.

It seems inappropriate for me to ask about help with SuperMemo on this forum, but I can't for the life of me find anyone to help me. The software isn't very user friendly and the help files for that program are terrible.

Basically, I've exported the pleco word lists and made definitions for them and tried to import them to supermemo.

I can't make it import the newly made flashcard list. I have no idea how or where to begin. I've tried using a converter to change the flashcard file to SM's Q&A format, and it seems to import with no errors, but only jibberish comes up. I imported without the Q&A converter format and there were no errors, but the flashcards aren't appearing. All the files are in the standard UTF - 8 file format. Maybe exporting the character list from Pleco isn't compatible, but I don't think that is the issue, since I tried making a flashcard list by hand without using Pleco's export feature.

If anyone is experienced with SuperMemo, and know how to make this work or get it started please help me. I'm dying here. :( I am deeply sorry for asking about this on this forum. Since I purchased Pleco, I"m hoping this would be okay -- just this once.


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It's OK to ask (at least with flashcard programs - postings about other portable Chinese dictionaries will likely be deleted) but I've moved this to the PDAs forum since it's really not a PlecoDict issue but rather a SuperMemo one.

I don't actually use SuperMemo myself, so I can't offer much help, but I think you need to use something other than UTF-8 encoding; SuperMemo doesn't have built-in support for Chinese characters, you need an external Chinese OS (like CJKOS) for that, and those OSes generally only support GB or Big5.

If you can't get any help here, you might also try posting a message on - there are quite a few SuperMemo users on that board.


thank you for the suggestion Mike. I'm not even to the point of trying to use it on my pda. I"m just trying to get it to work on my WindowsXP desktop. *uuuggghhh*