Suggestion: Make document pager one scroll view


The app is fantastic. Just had a suggestion that would greatly improve my document reader experience. I did a cursory search and didn’t see anything so apologies if this has been suggested before and maybe there’s a technical reason for it but figured I’d drop this here.

Right now if you zoom in on the document reader but need to go to the next page you get zoomed out. Would be great if instead of pagination the reader was just one big vertical scroll view or collection view that maintained the zoom and continuity as you go through pages similar to Google docs or even how safari handles PDFs. I’m usually using the document reader to follow along to a learning guide for podcasts like imandarinpod or 听故事学中文 and when having to go to the next page I’ll lose my spot while trying to zoom in and miss out on a bunch of dialogue while trying to get situated.

Alternatively it would suffice if the reader mode was a dump of the entire text or at least had pagination. Right now if you want to use the reader mode for a pdf you have to exit the reader every time you want to go to the next page.

Thank you!
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