Suggestion for Cantonese

Hello everyone !

I'm pleased with Pleco and I just bought a Cantonese voice today believing that I could use it to read the "The Chairman Bao" readings that I bought in the ads-on given that's the same "Hanzi" in Cantonese and in Mandarin. So I would like to propose the following suggestion to be able to use the clipboard reader with the Cantonese voice because it's a very convenient way to learn Chinese and it would as well very good for learning Cantonese :)

Could this happen soon ?

I thank you for reading my post and for those interested to learn Cantonese or that already use the clipboard reader to learn Chinese to give their opinion to it.


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That should work already - go into the Pleco "Settings" screen and make sure that that Cantonese voice is enabled for reading sentences, then tap on the first word of your TCB article and tap on the 'megaphone' icon to start reading it.
Hey, great, thank you, it works very well !!! so now I have another question : can you offer the same service for reading and hearing the Russian ??? I would love to learn Russian but with your app I think I can improve faster than with a teacher.
Hi Doumè,

can I ask, what is your native language? Is it French? I could make sentence flashcards for you between Russian and your native language.

For having Russian read to you, I recommend that you use the nice Text-to-Speech feature from the Google Translate webpage, which works for many languages. Or you should be able to download a Russian language pack for your OS that includes TTS.


Hi Shun,

Thanks for quick reply :) Yes, my native language is French. But I would not be interested by using any app from Google given that I'm in China and that can be blocked at any time soon as the trade war is taking some momentum.

I would be very pleased if you can make sentence flashcards but in my humble opinion the possibility of reading a text like on Pleco is really what allows us to improve in any language and what is currently missing for learning Russian.

Cheers :) and thanks again

Hi Doumè,

sure! You must be referring to Pleco's Pop-up definition feature, which certainly is useful for getting immediate answers. At least the about 150,000 Russian-French sentence flashcards from’s data include translations of entire sentences.

If you're on macOS, you can always install the Russian TTS here: (Katya, Milena, and Yuri)

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 16.08.02.png

On Windows, it's a similar procedure.

Cheers, you're welcome,



Hi Shun,

Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry as I didn't understand. I saw the app Tatoeba and thanks again because I didn't know about. But I can't have a reader like on Pleco which is far better in my opinion in order to learn the language. Because we can learn the translation with many texts just by clicking and hearing the pronunciation of the word. It's really not the same, especially because Russian like Chinese have a different alphabet.

And I must thank you another time again for the Russian TTS that I didn't know. But in my opinion, the reader of Pleco is far higher than any method in order to learn a language...


Hi Doumè,

I fully agree, it would be great to have Pleco for Russian, Japanese, Swedish, French—any language, basically. :)

If you wish to study the Russian-French Tatoeba flashcards, you could use them with Anki, because that is a good "neutral" flashcard program with spaced repetition.


Hi Shun,

Thank you for your really fast answer :)

Yes, Pleco has an edge on this. They need to be able to import texts from another source for all these languages ;)

Thanks again for your great advice through Anki, I'll see that.