Suddenly not seeing new cards

I have a set of about 2700 flashcards that I have been studying with a spaced repetition profile for a while, and I would like to get to the point where I have seen them all. I have two filters in place to limit the amount of times I see a card (if I have gotten a card right 7 times, or if its score reaches 3200 then it is filtered out). The filters are there so that I can get through all of the cards with out being bogged down by repeating cards I have already seen often. My plan is that when I have seen all of the cards, I will remove the filters and use points per day to manage the amount I see in one day. I have been getting about 80% of the cards right, and have it set in card selection to limit new cards to 35 per day, and every day that was about the amount of new cards I had been seeing. The total amount of cards I see has been slowly but steadily increasing to the point where I have been seeing about 220 cards per day. I have seen most of the cards, but yesterday and today, the system has suddenly started offering me fewer cards, and has stopped showing me new cards entirely. What happened, and how can I make it show me the remaining 50 or so cards I haven't yet seen?
OK, I found the problem. I had overlooked the fact that I was also filtering out cards that I had deemed too easy or too hard. These were the ones that Pleco wasn't showing me. Now I can remove the filters and get on with phase two...