Stopwatch on Flashcard Display


Very often while doing flashcards I wonder what rate I'm going at and whether I'm moving through cards slower than usual, but this is difficult to gauge without an on screen time keeper. It would be extremely helpful to have the option of displaying a timer on screen that shows how long I've had the current card open.

That would make it possible to mentally gauge on the fly how much time I usually spend on cards of different difficulties when I'm focusing well and then have a metric with which to catch myself when I'm zoning out too much and letting time slip away. Also it would allow doing things like enforcing a maximum time for myself to think about a card before revealing it and assigning a score, rather than getting distracted while thinking about a difficult card for 5+ minutes.

Also, this would just be a nice to have, but if it's possible it would be great if this did not take the place of any of the currently displayed information. For example, if it was in the top right of the flashcard display beneath the grey bar displaying information, that might work nicely?


Staff member
This is actually already supported - New Test / Display / Top Fields, set one of them to 'Card Timer' - though it would take the place of another field. (we are working on rejiggering the UI to allow for more fields, though)


Ah I missed that, thanks for the heads up! Definitely looking forward to be able to display more fields like you mentioned.