Standard Chinese text books.

Hi. Does anyone have a soft text version of the standard Chinese textbook --see web link to People's Educational Press, the publisher, in title above. Finally starting to learn how to read Chinese, and these standard grade school text books would be invaluable to have on Pleco's Reader. If these soft text versions could be uploaded Pleco's reader with character look up would be an incredibly helpful tool for learning to read Chinese. Realistically speaking everyone is not going to start off reading the classics.

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They're probably copyrighted, and therefore not available without purchasing. However, what I did was buy a scanner, which came with OCR software, and scanned my chapters in when I was at that point in the class. The OCR software that came with the scanner isn't as robust as ReadIris Pro (my choice), or Adobe's. I purchased a "book scanner", which scans right to the edge of the book, allowing pages to always be flat, but you can also just buy a second copy of the book and rip out the pages.

Did you contact them to see if they had eBook versions available?
Thanks for responding. Don't mind buying them? Tried to find electronic downloads. It's not about the money so much as the convenience. I sent a note to the Beijing office of People's Educational Press. I don't have much knowledge of Chinese copyright law--if I could read better in Chinese, I guess I could learn.

If you have any text materials, that would be really helpful. It's just that Pleco is such a good tool for studying text like this because of its automatic word lookup with Hanzi, pinyin, and English
Other than OCR, there's not much you can do unless you want to hire a Chinese student to help input things. You could use Pleco's handwriting to input things. Pleco also has an OCR module that you might be able to use, by taking photos of pieces of text. It isn't designed for large amounts of text at once, however.

One other "trick" is to use the voice recognition part of your device (Android or iPhone?) to dictate pieces. Mine gets almost everything correct when I do that.

On their website, it doesn't show any sample pages that I could find.

If you can scan them, the OCR software comes with a 30 day trial. There's several OCR packages that can handle Chinese.
Hi. I just exchanged emails with Liyan from PEP in Beijing. She said the electronic versions are coming out in October, and that she will send me the web link when they are available. Hopefully the prices will be reasonable.

I told her to take a look at the Pleco products.

Getting the OCR sounds like an effort, but if you know of any good standard text resources in the meantime, it would be much appreciated. I just don't have the time to invest right now.

Much thanks.