Special control characters for user defined dictionary


Thank you for the great product and keeping it supported.
I am very happy with the Pleco dictionary, I so started to import a lot of user-define dictionary entries.
Thanks to the post https://www.plecoforums.com/threads/multiple-new-lines-in-user-defined-flashcards.5916/ , I was be able to have color and next lines in my dictionary.
Now I would like to improve it further, like PLC dictionary.

Could you please tell me how to add these feature, I hope they need only a few more special control characters.
1. Add the speaker icon, so user can click on it to hear TTS reading.
2. Make the Chinese characters colored by tone
3. Add the pinyin below the Chinese characters
4. Have the vertical bar on the left of the whole block.




Staff member
Speaker icon for examples is not currently supported in user dictionaries.

Color by tone: this is actually implemented differently on iOS and Android and so is very awkward to support in a user dictionary right now, do a search of the forums for EAC1 (the code point to start a custom color span) and there are a few posts discussing it.

Pinyin below: that's actually just a newline, nothing special there (we aren't yet doing ruby text except with Zhuyin on Android in an experimental way).

Vertical bar: also not supported in user dictionaries.

This is all getting much much (much!) better in 4.0 whenever we release that, at which point entry editing will be mostly in Markdown. (though examples are now separate 'entries', so instead of tediously formatting them you just insert an embedded link to the relevant example and Pleco formats it according to the user's preferences) For now I might suggest that in order to make that transition easier you implement examples as separate entries now and then use our current (admittedly somewhat limited) linking code to link to them.