SPACED REPETITION - unlearned cards boomerang


Quite simply when I get a card wrong and assign it a '1' I want it to be boomeranging back at me a few cards later, as it does with ANKI. At present the cards that I get wrong aren't coming back soon enough (less of a boomerang, more of a stick) and I am ploughing forwards whilst too many cards 'fall of the back' of my memory. Could somone tell me how to I set this up?


Staff member
Turn on the "repeat incorrect at end" and "loop" options in the New Flashcard Session screen ("Test Setup" tab) - with those on, you'll be shown all of your incorrectly-answered cards again at the end of the session, and it'll keep looping through them until you've answered every one correctly once. We prefer this approach to randomly sticking the cards back into the session since we're worried it's too easy to recall a card that you just saw half a minute ago - we want it to remain a bit of a mental "stretch."