Spaced Repetition Problem

I don‘t know what I‘m doing wrong.

I have an SRS profile and I have two categories. On one category I have my HSK words/cards that haven‘t been learned or reviewed along with the words I‘ve already studied (let‘s call it the "Bulk" category), on the other category I have the new words for the day, this way I get to learn the words I chose throu reading and other apps rather than Pleco choosing random words for me. After reviewing the new words for the day I move the cards to the "Bulk" category but then when I do a New Test with the "Bulk" category, today‘s words never show up, as if Pleco doesn‘t recognize them as words that have already been reviewed or learned by me. Is there a way to "mark" words or cards as "reviewed" so Pleco can show them to me?

Under Card SelectionI have my new cards per day limit set to zero because if I turn it on Pleco will show me whatever words it wants instead of the ones I‘ve studied. Also I‘ve tried prioritizing by "newest" but still the cards I just added will not show up.

I have this two categories because this way I can know if the words I‘m learning through reading are part of the HSK program.

Thank you for your help.
Never mind, I think I‘ve figured my mistake. Could it be that since I reviewed the new words like crazy on that day, Pleco needs time to show them to me again?

And could it be that I have the concept of "Prioritize by Newest" wrong since that option only applies to the "new cards" that are being picked by the app when the limit is set to any value higher that zero?

Still I would like to know if there‘s a way to mark a word as "known" or "studied" so Pleco can show them to me on my SRS test?

BTW this is a FANTASTIC app. The learning curve and the concepts are a little bit hard to grasp but only because of how customizable it is. Congratulations to the developers!


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Are you using spaced repetition as your "card selection" "system"? If so, that would indeed explain the wait to see the cards - set it to 'random' instead and they should show up right away. Setting 'new per day' to 0 but with the option to limit new cards enabled should prevent it from introducing any new cards at all. And yes, 'prioritize by newest' only applies to new card introductions.

I'm a little unclear here on why you have two different categories - is it that you'd like to do the words you chose yourself first, but then if you don't have enough new ones you'd like to introduce cards from HSK instead? If you'd only like to learn the words you chose yourself, you can limit the test to just those categories and use option to limit new cards per day and it should focus on those.
Yes the 2nd category is to only study those new words first. Then I copy them to my Bulk category to avoid having repeated cards in words (I don't know if I have this concept right though) and this way Pleco doesn't duplicate cards while showing me cards on tests? Also this way I can study each days words during that particular day. Does any of this makes sense?

Is there a more elegant way to do things I'm missing?
You suggest I have an individual profile just for the Daily Words and use the simple card selection here? This way Pleco knows this words have been reviewed?
My goals are:

-To benefit from the software's spaced repetition
-Add new cards everyday
-If I don't add new cards every day then then I can use the new words from the HSK as you said

Thanks for your help.


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You don't really need to move them to a different category from New Words unless you find it helpful for your own organizational purposes to have them there - Pleco will apply the new per day limit even if you have thousands of cards in New Cards. So a more streamlined way to do this might be to simply replace that with a "my words" category and not move cards out of it / put your other words in it, and then just do tests on that category with a new per day limit.

For blending in HSK as a fallback when you don't have enough new cards from your own words, I'm afraid we don't currently have a good way to do that in Pleco. You could maybe hack something together where you had one profile that only did your words, a second profile that did those plus HSK, and both had the same 'new per day' limit - the latter one would count cards studied in the former one toward that limit - but the problem there is that the first profile wouldn't go back and review any of those HSK cards, so you'd have to regularly go back and search for cards that were in HSK and not in your words and were reviewed at least once and move them into your words.

One other thing you could try - though it's also an awkward manual one - is to review on HSK and New Words but go through with a batch command and set the 'priority' higher for New Words; that should get them to be introduced first.

In our upcoming 4.0 update we do support prioritizing one group of new cards over another, but I don't have any information to share about when that might be coming out on Android.