Spaced Repetition faster review


Hi there,

im quite happy using Pleco for about a year now, using two profiles, 1.: new/forgotten words, 2.: review of old words (with spaced repetition).
Somehow it seems, that words, that I learned very fast when I added them to my lists (getting them right everytime they were reviewed), are not coming again or take a very long time. Im pretty sure some of them I only reviewed a few times. So, is there a way of speeding up, when words with a high score/easiness are reviewed again?
I feel quite helpless with all the tweak settings and so on, I hope someone can help me :)

Stay healthy yall,


Staff member
Sure, two options there:

1) Increase the 'points per day' in New Test / Card Selection; this will effectively lower all of those cards' intervals.

2) Go into Organize Cards / Edit / Batch, Score section, and do a "decrease by" (say) 50 "percent."