Some of my flashcards have "missing link" issues after restored backup

Hey, i recently switched phones using the Huawei Phone Clone functionality, unfortunately the Pleco data didn't transfer over for some reason so i had to rely on a backup. I did one for both the flashcards and for the settings, imported both and all seemed to be OK, but now that i'm doing my flashcard tests (using SRS if that matters), i get this error message:

Strangely enough if i click on the link icon from inside the test (between the X and the brush), it takes me to the correct entry:

Anyone know how to fix this? Makes it very tedious to do the flashcards if i have to click through the link every time to see the definitiion.
Hi karig,

if you still have access to your old phone, you could try backing up any user dictionaries you might have and installing them on the new phone. If your flashcards didn‘t link to user dictionary entries before, and if the set of broken flashcards is clearly defined, you may also select the unlinked flashcards in Organize Flashcards and re-assign your desired dictionary to them in the Batch screen by tapping on Rebuild from dict entries or Remap to dictionary (your desired dictionary) You could also do this with your entire flashcard database if it isn‘t too varied. (if it doesn’t contain a mix of Putonghua, Cantonese, and Old Chinese, for example)

Hope this helps,

Ah! Ok that was the issue, i had CC-Canto installed as well as the ABY dictionary on my old phone, i had only re-installed ABY and not CC-Canto, seems to work now that i have both :) Thanks