Some epubs not opening in the reader

I'm facing an issue on my oneplus 6 where some epubs will open and some will immediately crash Pleco. Pleco readers work fine, and so far one of my other epubs work, but the rest just crash the app instantly. It's odd because it worked fine on my previous phone. Is there something I can do, or is this some kind of incompatibility with the phone?

I attached the error from logcat as a text file if there's any developer interested in taking a look.



Staff member
Thanks - looks like an easy fix and as it happens we're already preparing a bug fix update beta for today so if you sign up for beta testing you should have our first attempt at fixing it within a few hours.
Thanks for the prompt response! It seems to work now.

One other thing I'm running into is that swiping won't advance to the next chapter. I have to move the chapter slider on the bottom to progress to the next chapter.