So how do people like new PingFang font?

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    I actually think PingFang is fine for beginners myself, but I'm also a strong advocate of learning Chinese characters late + not wasting lots of time on stroke order / components / etc in the early going; PingFang is a fairly standard modern-Hei-style font, its forms are close to those of most of the Chinese text you'll end up reading (on computers) and so it's as good a choice to start building up your Chinese reading skills as any.

    If you want something more similar to what you'd encounter in a textbook, we offer Song- and Kai-style fonts as paid add-ons (in the Add-ons screen). Song is what much/most Chinese printed text is in; it's more calligraphic than Hei (thick endings on strokes) but still very readable at small font sizes; think of it as serif versus sans-serif, Times New Roman to PingFang's Helvetica.

    Kai is more akin to Brush Script or some other decorative script typeface; in printed text for native Chinese speakers you sometimes see it taking the place that italics do in English, but it's more often used on signs / headlines / etc than in body text. It's really designed around calligraphy, not print, and because of that it doesn't perform very well at small sizes; it's kind of muddy and hard-to-read, since the shifts in stroke weight are gradual / subtle instead of big and obvious as in Song. However, the individual characters are very pretty at larger sizes, and do a good job of showing off character forms + stroke order, so it's heavily used in textbooks / graded readers / etc for that reason.
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    thanks for your detailed reply :) I totally understand and I am certainly not planning on focusing too much energy into the character writing learning. I'm currently reading the ebook by Hacking Chinese blogger and he also recommends that. Specially since speaking and listening are my prioritary medium term goals. Character learning I plan to do it on a slower pace every now and then, both for fun and to complement.

    Do you happen to know where I can download the PingFang font? I would like to install it on my e-reader.

    I searched on my osx El Capitan fonts folders and it's not there
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    Ah, sorry, I assumed you were referring to an e-reader app on your iOS device. PingFang is a special hidden system font so it's hard to extract - the open-source Source Han Sans font (also known as Noto Sans CJK) is very similar and you can get that for free at:
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    many thanks!
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    for some reason I cannot make this font work in my Kobo E-Reader. I think for them to work they must be in .ttf format

    Any other recommendations? The only default fonts that come with the Kobo that display chinese characters are "Kobo UD Kakugo" and "Kobo Tsukushi Mincho" but they look odd

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