Small bug in Card Selection?


I've set up a system for learning new characters in a gradual way when studying for the first time, since repetition spaced immediately offsets by a day, and I want to initially study the cards before putting them in RS. So I've set up an initial learning test with a separate scorefile.
The idea is to study the cards in order (since they build on one another) and limit that to 5 new cards per (mini)session.
So I've set up a custom scoring rule (twice correct in a row = +100 points)
I've set up a filter, only showing those cards with scores from 100-200, so that learned cards will need to be done correctly twice again.

And my problem point is the Card Selection
I have it set to fixed, sort by created, sort order ascending. And if I do not set a condition for Limit new cards, cards, the cards will appear in the order that they were created.
However as soon as I add a Limit new cards, I do no longer start with card number 1, it starts always with card number 2.

Untoggle it, and it starts with card number 1. I think the limit feature messes with the ordering as set by the Fixed criterion. Which is a bit annoying, since I'm always skipping the first card like this.


Staff member
This is a clever system, but unfortunately, we didn't design 'limit new cards' to follow the 'fixed' card order in introducing new cards - we're adding that option in our next big update, 4.0, for some profile types, but for right now I'm afraid there's no way to force it to follow the created order. (we mostly expected 'limit new cards' to be used with SRS)

Could you maybe rig up two profiles with the same scorefile and use one of them specifically to introduce new cards, not with 'limit new cards' but simply with a filter to limit it to new cards and a fixed number of cards in the session?