Slow Chinese (慢速中文)podcast transcripts in one file.

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  1. abdrifter

    abdrifter 举人

    I compiled this for reading practice. I think all of the issues are here.

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  2. Mer

    Mer Member

    Here are the Slow Chinese Lessons texts again compiled slightly differently.
    All the lessons from 1-138 are here and they are in Traditional and Simplified with Traditional first in each file.

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  3. Mer

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    Also here are the audio components of All Slow Chinese Lessons. Formatted for convenience, one file downloaded to your phone, expanded to a folder and added to a playlist or reader.!hoJVXYYL!pKtbTdpsvqJW_wpPFeaGiTRlUxYoCXNe7xS1Z629tTk

    I made a couple modifications to the audio files: I removed the intro sound as it was distractingly loud when listening to the lessons "stacked" on a player or reader an I reduced the volume of the outro sound by 80% for the same reason. And sorry to those who enjoy music but I removed all of the songs so that there is only talking in these files. Sorry about that, but I removed them for the same reason as above.
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  4. alex_hk90

    alex_hk90 状元

    Thank you - sounds very useful, will try them later this week. :)
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  5. leoninto

    leoninto 秀才

    Can we get a reupload? The mega link is dead.

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  6. Mer

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  7. johnmcgeough

    johnmcgeough Member

    Thank you for this!
  8. sobriaebritas

    sobriaebritas 榜眼

    I thank you for this too! It seems we'll have to wait some time in order to be able to download it, though.

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  9. Paul B.

    Paul B. Member

    Hello! After opening the zip file, I am only able to view the texts for lessons 1 - 10. After that, I get a message about being unable to create the destination file. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx...Paul B.
  10. Paul B.

    Paul B. Member

    Hello again. After looking around a bit, I eventually found the files at another location. Thanks much, though.

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