Siri Shortcuts

Apologies if this has been asked, but I’m just scratching the surface of the new Siri shortcuts and think Pleco could benefit its users with integration. For example, “scan this” would open up the live OCR viewer. Or asking Siri to translate a word (in English), and it opening Pleco to those entries.




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You can actually do a lot of that now via our URL callbacks (documented in the “version history” page of our instruction manual for some reason) - use those with Shortcuts’ x-callback-url support and you can pretty easily redirect text to Pleco.
So I was able to find those URL schemes in the version history...and let me just say it would be REALLY nice to have it all documented in once place as the version history has bits scattered around. The most complete/recent are at the top, obviously, but the variables of those are the least-explained because it assumes you've read the previous explanations as they come in.
If you do, can I request the ability for it to return content via x-callback? I.e. I have a term in Drafts and use an action that not only searches for that term, but automatically returns content into Drafts--e.g. the first definition from a specific dictionary, an example sentence, stroke order, etc. That would be SUPER useful to me.


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TBH if we were going to support that we'd probably do it through an App Extension instead, since we can include much more flexible content that way.