Search for duplicates only in one flashcard deck (not across all library)


I always allow duplicates when importing words to a new deck so that I can choose the dictionary I want for each different decks/folder.
Sometimes I have the same word/hanzi that is present more than once inside a deck after importing it and when doing flashcards I will see it more than once but each time I search in the deck for duplicates it search for them across all my flashcard library ( so it flags all the cards in the deck as duplicate and not the few that are duplicated inside this deck only ).
Does anyone knows if it is possible to only search for duplicates inside only one deck ?
For exemple having 嗯 being present twice with the same definition inside a specific deck and by using the search fonction only finding these two.
Thanks !
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There's not currently a way to limit the "has duplicates" search to duplicates within a particular set of categories, though it wouldn't be hard to implement in a future release.