Screen Reader capturing entire webpage vs. currently displayed screen


I've recently started using the Pleco screen reading function to help while I surf the web or read books online in Chinese. I keep encountering an issue though where when I toggle the screen reader it seems the entire web page is read vs the text that is currently being displayed on the screen. I've included screenshots of what I am describing, the first picture is what is displayed on my screen before I toggle the reader, the second is what is displayed after toggling. For longer web pages, the functionality of the reader is almost lost completely as the text becomes so small you can't find the words you originally wanted to look up.

I wanted to know if there is an option to just read the currently displayed text on the screen? Is the only option to take a screen shot of the current screen and then read that?

I'm using android version 8.0, Pleco version 3.2.64 on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Thanks for any help you can provide!



After messing around with it, I figured out how to do what I was hoping for. The second option on the screen reader only captures the current screen, I didn't realize. Sorry for the stupid forum post! Feel free to delete it.


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Not stupid at all, actually the first option just uses a different method to capture all of the text on the screen but sometimes that method gets too much text because the app doesn’t report the locations of text on the screen properly.

Are you using the latest version of Chrome? If not, does it work any better if you do that?


The original screen shots I posted were from the built-in Samsung internet browser. I just updated that and chrome and tried the first screen-reader option again to see how it worked out. On Chrome, when trying to read a book, the same thing happened as in the screenshots above. On a different web page, 新华字典, using the first screen reader option crashed Pleco a few times and then finally worked, but captured all of the text on the whole entire web page.

I appreciate your follow-up to my post! For now, the second screen-reader option that captures and reads the screen is working well for my purposes (and is absolutely amazing)!