Screen Reader Accessibility Button Activation


Kia ora,

I have recently activated the Screen Reader function on Android which I think is going to be super helpful. However, I am a little concerned about security and giving screen reading access. So I am using the accessibility button to turn off and on the access. The only problem is there doesn't seem to be any visible indication on the activation shortcut to tell you when access is activated or not. You have press the other little screen grab button (sorry not sure of the name) and then it will either grab the screen (confirming access is granted) or give you a big notification saying you need to activate the accessibility.

Am I missing something? Or could this be added in? All it needs is a colour/shade change to show you.

Thanks again for the amazing app!


Staff member
Not currently supported, no. I'm generally very wary of spending a lot of time on improvements to the screen reader because Google seems like they're going to ban apps like Pleco from using accessibility services sometime in the near future - every year there are new restrictions and permissions and such - but we can certainly check and see if this is readily fixable. (seems like it ought to be)

If you're wary of granting our app accessibility permission you might want to try the Screen OCR function instead - with that one all we're ever getting is a screenshot.