Scoring - Tweak parameters - misleading lead texts?

I've been using Pleco's flashcards (v 3.2.60) for a couple of months now, in self-graded SRS mode, and have been adjusting the scoring parameters a bit. One thing I was hugely confused about was the headline "Incorrect score decrease %". I've been assuming that it does what it says, but after experimenting with backups, I realized it should actually be named e.g. "Incorrect score factor %", since if F is the configured factor for the quality of your answer, and S was your earlier score, the new score S' appears to be calculated as S'=S*F/100, rather than S'=S*(1-F/100) as would be expected (unless F=0, in which case S'=S, or S'=max(Minimum Score, S)?)

I was wondering why it seemed my near misses were heavily penalized, whereas complete failures didn't make the cards appear much more often. I had 20 % configured as a supposedly moderate incorrect score decrease for "Almost remembered", so the scores got whacked down to a fifth of the previous ones...

However, "Correct scale score increase %" *seems* to be calculated as (approximately, depending on easiness, I assume) S'=S*(1+F/100).

Am I correct in my observations? If so, perhaps you should consider changing the text.


Hi Pontus Gagge,

I think you're right; I can contribute the following passages from the reference manual: ( )


Incorrect score decrease %: this lets you configure a percent change applied to a card's score after an incorrect answer; the default 0 will just drop it to the minimum score (configured below), but if you prefer to scale it rather than reduce it altogether you can do that using this option. As above, this is a multiplication applied to the score; if the score is 1000 and the percentage you've set is 20 then the score would be 200 after a wrong answer. As with the other options, it can be customized based on the answer quality (1/2/3 for an incorrect answer).


Correct scale score increase %: only really interesting with "prompt for quality" enabled, this lets you multiply the amount by which a card's score will be increased after a correct answer by a set percentage based on the answer quality (4/5/6); it's a multiplication, so 90% would mean that whatever score boost the algorithm generated would be multiplied by .9.


It can indeed be misunderstood the way it's worded, though if the multiplication factor were set to 0, you'd get the minimum score instead of 0. So that could also create some misunderstandings. Seen this way, "decrease" and "increase" may be the most neutral terms available that just say "it goes down" or "it goes up".

Cheers, Shun