S-Pen double tap in flashcards


unfortunately all I can find regarding this topic dates back to 2012 and 2014. I could only find this post from 2014 which describes the problem but it wasn't really discussed:
I love Pleco's flashcard add-on because the double tap gesture allows you to go through tests fast so I was looking forward to use it with my new Note's s-pen. Unfortunately all I can do to switch to the next character is tapping the character in the box below. I am a bit confused because during the flashcard tests Pleco will display this hint in the bottom: "advance with two finger tap or stylus button tap backspace button to clear". The stylus button, however, is only opening the note's "air command" window. If I disable this shortcut in the s-pen options, the stylus button isn't doing anything. Unfortunately Samsung's options to remap the button are very limited, I tried using another app for this ("sideActions") which allows to remap the button to a few more options ("Home" and "Back") but this doesn't help either.
Is there any way to go through the tests more conveniently using the s-pen? Has anyone found a solution for this?


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Not aware of one, no - we can investigate this for a future bug fix update but until then I don't know whether it even is fixable, Samsung may have decided that so few apps were using the S-Pen button for a particular purpose that they'd be better off disabling that functionality and keeping it strictly as an OS shortcut.


Thanks for the reply.
That's a pity. Samsung does somewhat allow the button to be remapped to certain actions for certain apps. Most of those are OS-related (Camera, Gallery) but I'm using a new phone so maybe there are more apps making use of it and there's also Microsoft Office (single press for next slide, double press for previous slide) and Chrome (going forward/back on presses etc.). I'm not sure if they are allowing any app to be part of that list for remaps or certain ones and if they do allow it, whether it warrants the time spent on implementing this since it only affects Galaxy Note users. I'd be glad if there's any further investigation of course.