RTH / Heisig Traditional 1 flashcard Cantonese pronunciation help.

Apologies if answered elsewhere but I cannot find anywhere. Android user trying to find a way to make my RTH traditional 1 flashcards pronounce Cantonese without having to go into the dictionary each time and then back to test. All Mandarin and other dialects turned off. Is this a bug or a setting? Appreciate any help.
Hi hotdogtown,

if you go to the Cantonese flashcards in Flashcards > Organize Cards, tap EDIT, then tap BATCH, you can Add Cantonese Readings to the flashcards. Then, if you haven't already, set Flashcards > New Test > Display > Primary Pronunciation to Cantonese.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Shun,

Thank you for your clear instructions. On my android phone I do not have a function to select "batch" only "all" which I assume is the same thing. When I do however there is no option to add Cantonese audio. Only to copy or delete.

It is only a minor inconvenience but would be great to get it fixed. Here are two screen caps. That may be more helpful.




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Sorry, both 'batch' and Cantonese support are features that require our paid flashcard add-on - they're not available in the free version.