Request: Integrated Chinese level 2 (Parts 1 and 2) Third edition.

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  1. Hello.
    I've been looking but I have not found Integrated Chinese Level 2 (Parts 1 and 2) Third Edition for Pleco and was wondering if anyone... anyone could help out with this.

    Thank yo
  2. Still nothing? I have to imagine someone has done this at some point? No?
  3. I've attached my list for Chapters 7-16.


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  4. I made the list as my classes worked through the chapters I would manually make the lists, takes about 1/2 hour per chapter
  5. SilverHammer

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    Packaged with love.

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  6. Wow. This is really excellent. Okay i will force myself to review and then study the last book of the series. 2 For this month and the final in october.
  7. Thanks so much for providing these!

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