Repetition-spaced problem

So I do the following:
  1. create (or import) some cards, let's say 30 of them and put them in a category
  2. create a new test, set selection to repetition-spaced
  3. check "limit new cards" to maximum unlearned 5
  4. set "card is learned if" to "correct in row" 3
  5. start test, get presented 5 cards as expected
  6. since cards are new, fail all 5 cards
  7. begin another session of the same test
  8. "No more cards are due for review right now."
I fully expected to get another 5 cards. Why all of a sudden are there no cards for review? There are still 25 cards i have never seen! Also, the 5 I have seen are not learned yet (must be correct thrice in a row).


Staff member
Sorry for the confusion.

The new cards limit is per day - it won’t introduce 5 more until tomorrow.

As for cards not being due, we don’t show you the same cards again until tomorrow - this is normal SRS behavior, the theory being that you need a day to hopefully commit them to memory. If you tap on the option to continue in that “no cards” alert, though, it should show you those cards again ahead of schedule.


Staff member
No, but with 'maximum unlearned' those 5 unlearned cards don't give up their spots / allow new cards to come in until they become 'learned.' It's not a maximum per test, it's among all active cards. So if there are 5 or more unlearned cards active at the moment - as it seems like there are - it won't add any more new cards until those become learned. (the idea is to make sure that you aren't studying so many new cards that you get overwhelmed and don't learn any; however, you'd probably want a higher limit than 5)
Sure that makes sense.
But the 5 cards I've only seen once and got them incorrectly. It seems they stay at score 100. I now never have the chance to get them correctly until a whole day passes?