Reminder to review flashcards



I love using the flashcard system. However I often forget to review my flashcards / cannot tell whether there are any new cards up for review.
Is there any way to get reminders of when there are flashcards overdue for review? Or maybe a way to access how many flashcards are up for review programmatically? (I am a CS developer and would be happy to write up a quick app to emit notifications).



Staff member
Not supported at the moment. To be honest, the 'overdue' thing is probably a bit oversold; in fact, in our next major update we're planning to heavily de-emphasize due dates. They'll stay around for people who really want them and believe in them, but we'll steer new users towards a less pushy form of study since we think that will ultimately work better for most people; that new default system will only track intervals at all for new cards, and even then it won't be particularly pushy about them.

We are playing around with some ideas about daily study goals - not based on the number of cards that are 'due', but simply on how much time you've spent studying today (or how many cards), and not even just for flashcards but also for stuff like spending time on reading or listening practice or simply looking up a set # of words per day. That probably won't happen until our 4.1 or 4.2 update (or 5.0 if we decide to start incrementing version numbers more aggressively) but we might consider attaching reminder notifications to those once they're supported.