Recording one's own voice and playing it back

Can there be a way to record oneself (temporarily) in order to practice chorusing during flashcard tests? And then I could click the media to play, and click my recording to play, and compare the two? Ideally, I'd also be able to set it so the media plays automatically, followed by me being recorded, followed by the media playing again, followed by playing back my recording, followed by the media playing again. Even more ideal would be if the order and number of times the media is played is all customizable.


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We actually have a version of that doable in 4.0 as a custom test type, but it's very buggy - mostly because it's really really hard to go back and forth between recording and playing audio (with any of 3 different audio playback systems) while also juggling background audio and mute switches and Bluetooth and so on - and we probably won't support it officially until a later 4.x update (if then). But it's in the works to the extent we can pull it off.


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You could set up auto-advance steps in a custom test type to add a user audio recording / playback stage (make a simple auto-advancing audio test type and then play around with it), but this probably won't be supported or as customizable in the finished version, so I wouldn't suggest spending much time on it. But we do have most of the code in there for this, it's just waiting for us to get the audio working well enough that we can ship it as a finished feature.
I've managed to create a button to record and replay my audio by going into:
Private test types > (Set type to custom) > Testing stages > Configure command buttons

During a test, it seems I can record my audio, but the replay button stays greyed out and un-pressable even after recording my own audio (see below)...

Here I seem to be able to successfully record my voice...

But after recording, the "play own audio" remains greyed out as before...
Thanks - could you email me a backup of your flashcard database?
Just sent it over.

Relatedly, although I think the start tone and auto-stopping after it’s detected I’ve stopped taking are helpful for automatic (and perhaps voice-only cards), it does take a noticeable bit of time. It would be nice to have the option of tap-and-hold to record and release when done, so if I’m going through a bunch of flashcards manually, it would be quicker when recording.