Re-run flashcard session with only cards I didn't recognize

I have some long flashcard lists and rather than keep repeating the whole list I want the option to re-run the list with just the cards I didn't recognize. Is that possible? Afraid I don't understand the flags and rankings stuff very well. I have version 1 on Palm by the way.


Staff member
Yes. In "Card Settings," check "Limit Ranks" and set it to "1 through 1," and check "Limit to Cards" and set that to "reviewed" "after" and the time you started your last flashcard review. Then, in "Rank Settings," set it to Advance after "1 correct in a row," check the box next to "Retreat," and set that to "32 ranks after 1 incorrect in a row".

To switch back to reviewing the full list, just go into Card Settings and un-check those two boxes - keep the Rank Settings panel unchanged.