Rank System


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I didn't set up a "General Discussion" category (though I might later), but a quick explanation of the rank system.

Users on these forums are assigned ranks based on the number of posts they've submitted. (there are also certain special ranks that I can give out to whoever I like, such as the "huangdi" one you see next to my icon)

The automatic ranks are based on the number of messages posted, and at the moment the qualifying numbers are:

Xiucai 10
Juren 25
Jinshi 50
Tanhua 75
Bangyan 100
Zhuangyuan 125

(for those of you who don't know, these are the names of various ranks in the Chinese imperial examination system)


Nice touch - I was wondering how to add the appropriate characters to my posts. Being relatively new to electronic processing of characters is there an easy way to include zi in my post signature?

(asked at the risk of being overwhelmed by "you have NEVER done that before?" replies - I am now off to play with my signature block ...)

Vaughn R (Rui Fuheng)


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I've never actually tried it - looks like you got it working in one of your other posts though (or at least it displays OK on my machine).