Purchase gadget coverage


First, I am happy to have used Pleco software for some time and I find it extremely useful.

Now, I have decided to buy the software to get advantage of the program and at the same time give my support to the developer. Prior to that, may I ask:

1.) If I buy a license, is it applicable to all gadgets that I already have? I have Android tablet and phone to begin with. Do I need to buy 2 license for the 2 gadgets or I can port it to any of the gadget that I have with only one purchase?

2.) Do you have the option for the Min Nan Hua dialect, popularly called Fookien dialect as an add on?

3.) Do you have special option if I buy the whole dictionary available as a package beyond the Professional or Basic or do I buy the Profesional, then add on?

Hope to hear from you guys. Thank you and Merry Christmas.



Hello Pete,

I'm happy to answer your questions.

1.) For some time now, thanks to a policy change by Apple, I hear you can purchase your licenses on one platform and then copy the Registration ID to the other devices to get the same Add-ons there, even across platforms.

2.) Not yet, but I believe it has already been requested. So it's probably on the To Do list.

3.) The cheapest way to buy all the Add-ons is to get the Professional package and then buy the remaining dictionaries as you need them. There unfortunately isn't any package containing all the dictionaries. But you may not need dictionaries for the Chinese-German, Chinese-Italian, or Chinese-Spanish language pairs, anyway.

You're welcome, Merry Christmas,

Hello Shun,

Thank you so much for your reply.

How about Android platforms from phone to tablet? Can a single purchase of Pleco, say professional version, be used in 2 or more same Android device simultaneously?

2 or more simultaneous device is perfect tool for tutoring the little kids.


For what it's worth, with 1 purchase, I've installed Pleco on many of my ios devices without deactivating any of the old installations. I've gone through 4 (or 5?) tablets, and 4 phones and I am sure if I go to my old devices the software will still run. I primarily run Pleco on my phone and use my latest tablet for lookups when my phone is busy with something else.

I've recently purchased an android device and installed Pleco on that, but I've not yet put in my correct ID and restored my purchases. I don't want Mike to think I've been taking advantage (more than I already have) of his generous installation policy.
Hello pdwalker,

Thank you for your feedback.

As to your experience, can you still simultaneously use them at the same time without the need of turning 1 device off or logging out?

This simultaneously usage help me a lot during tutoring my kids.