Problems with word files



Plecodict is great, but I have some problem on my Pocket PC in displaying Chinese text: I have written down hundreds of pages of vocabs in Windows Word, consisting of simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English. After installation of Plecodict I have changed the Simplified Chinese to NSimsun type, which comes with Pleco. Now, in Pocket word the Simplified Chinese is displayed correctly, while the Pinyin lacks all the Pinyin letters that have an accent. I tried Textmaker, which does not recognize the NSimsun.

Isn't there any easy solution to format my text and display it correctly? I do not need to change the text on my Pocket PC, only review the vocabs. PDF doesn't work either. I thought of something like NJStar, which is a word processor, but they don't have a Pocket PC version yet. I'd appreciate any advice.


Staff member
Are you copying this text out of PlecoDict? Unfortunately, there's no easy way to make that work correctly - we use a special font for displaying Pinyin that doesn't always match up cleanly with NSimSun. (we don't do anything to actively prevent you from copying-and-pasting text out of our software, but we're really not supposed to be encouraging it)

If this is text you've created yourself, what system did you use to create the Pinyin text? Perhaps it uses a similarly non-standard encoding; if you try saving the text out using a different word processor or a different encoding, it might come up correctly in Pocket Word.