Problems with OCR and PDF functions

I've been trying to read various manhua from sites like webtoon and for example, but Pleco doesn't support reading the text from the images presented.

Even if one uses the "Export as PDF" feature on MacOS Safari it causes pleco to crash whilst trying to opening this PDF file. I've tried many features and workarounds but I can't find any way to read manhua using Pleco. MacOS Safari natively includes OCR so PDFs exported with it include the OCR'ed text.

to replicate the crash issue, on that webpage, using MacOS safari try to click "export as PDF", then airdrop it onto an iPhone and then click "read with Pleco".


Staff member
Thanks, but I can't seem to reproduce this crash - exported it to PDF and AirDropped it to Pleco and it opened OK (though the OCR does seem to be acting a little odd).

Could you please make it crash again, then go into the system Settings app, Privacy & Security, Analytics & Improvements (near the bottom), Analytics Data, scroll down to the last entry for Pleco, tap on it, tap on the share button, and email it to me (mikelove at pleco dot com) and we can investigate further.