Problem with Third Tone Colour

Hi everyone,

I posted in here recently and I am a huge fan of Pleco.

Unfortunately I have another problem. On my old phone I have had the third time colour set to electric blue for a very long time. Whenever I think of hanzi I think of them in their tone colours and for me electric blue is always third tone.

Unfortunately when I am trying to set the third tone on my new phone, for some reason all of the blue colours are glitching. On the field where you move the mini cursor around it's fine, but the preview colour on the bottom right is just different shades of pink. The best I can get is a sort of violet colour.

Anyone know what I can do?

Many thanks


Are you able to set the color by entering a hex value? (e.g. #0000FF would give you the bluest of blues.) Depending on your display's calibration, if you get too violet colors I would recommend mixing in a little green by increasing the middle digits in the hex code, e.g. #0044FF
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That’s an odd one… does it only affect blues? Can you pick something maybe halfway between blue and green or blue and purple and get it to display normally?

I’m wondering whether this might be some sort of accessibility or power saving or “HDR” or whatever feature gone wrong - what brand / model of phone is this? Are there any options for that sort of thing in settings that you can try to disable?