Practicing traditional hanzi in flashcards - how to make Pleco not render simplified form as correct?


I want to practice traditional full forms and will prepare a full list of all the hanzis that have their simplified/traditional/异体 forms.
In Pleco, if I input simplified form to the flashcard field (when the traditional variant is required), it still is rendered as correct.
Of course, I can switch off simplified forms from input at all, so that only trad forms can be entered, but I'd rather not do that.
Is there a way to tell Pleco to be strict in evaluating answers, not allowing twin simplified forms to be rendered as correct, and only require the form that actually is in the flashcard (traditional form in this case)?


Staff member
Not at the moment, no - as far as I can remember it's not something anybody has asked for before. (but it's within the realm of what's customizable in Expert Mode in 4.0)