Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Dictionary and Flashcards

I've installed the flash cards successfully (using app on samsung s7 edge- android) and the flashcards exist, but I don't think I'm installing the dictionary correctly, or there is some error in the flashcards connecting to it, because when I use the flashcards the message "The dictionary or entry that this card links to appears to be missing or unavailable." See screenshot. Can you help me troubleshoot? Thanks!


Did you install the user dictionary too? You do that through Manage Dictionaries / Add New (using the user dictionary file in this original post).

There is no "add new" option in Manage dictionaries that I can see. The only way importing the Practical A-V dictionary (.txt file) would work is if I did it through the flashcard import/export>import flashcard function. The restore back up option wouldn't recognize it as an acceptable file. The dictionary does show up under Manage Dictionary Groups, but not in Manage Dictionaries.


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Ah, sorry, user dictionaries require our paid flashcard system add-on - have you purchased that? If not then you'd want to delete these flashcards and then import them from the text file instead (which I believe has the text in it directly so no need to link to a user dictionary).