Poor recognition of input

Hi all,

I'm using Plecdict 1.0.3b on a Dopod smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0.

I have a lot of trouble with the dictionary 'snapping' to an entry and then refusing to update when I add a new character/string of pinyin.

Let's say I want to look up '知道' I'd draw the first character - 知 - using the handwriting tool. It would pop up in CED. I'd then add the 2nd character, 道, again using the pen. Most of the time the dictionary will show the correct entry - 知道。 However some of the time it will stay stuck on 知. To get it to go to 知道 I'll have to delete 道 and then draw it in again - effectively refreshing what's in the search box.

Pinyin is even worse. I have to be really quick entering my pinyin all at once, otherwise it will often stick somewhere along the pinyin entry. Let's say I want to enter 'zheng', I'll often find the dictionary sticking at the entries for 'zhen'. Same method to 'refresh' - delete the g and enter it again. Even if I enter something like zhengbi for 正比, I'll quite often find my dictionary staying with 'zhe'.

English -> Chinese is probably the worst due to the long words. Any word that has a lot of 'words' at the start of it will need several attempts at typing.

Any ideas? I'm guessing some problem setting to do with predictive text?

Cheers all,



Staff member
More likely just a weird setting for "delay before search" - go into the "Search" panel of Preferences, check the "Delay ... secs before search" box and set the # of seconds to something like 0.75 or 1.0; that should keep the search from triggering until you've finished your input.

Font handling is a bit wonky on Windows Mobile in version 1.0 in general, though (one of the reasons why we're only offering discounted copies of 1.0 now on Palm OS) - since you get a free upgrade to 2.0 anyway it might be worth your while to install that; see http://www.pleco.com/manual/upgradeguide.html for upgrade instructions. 2.0 is a lot more stable than 1.0 on Windows Mobile and a good bit faster too.