Pleco Reader Bookstore


I would love to see a built-in Pleco bookstore one day to purchase things like:

Chinese Breeze
Mandarin Companion
Chinese Stories

Main readon being that I really miss the "single-tap to see definitions" that I get in the Pleco reader (might also be a nice source of recurring income beyond add-on/dictionary purchases).

I quite like the Chinese Stories app since it includes natively read audio, vocab, grammar, etc, but it doesn't have tappable characters.


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Those three specifically are unlikely - Chinese Breeze and Mandarin Companion are both problematic for licensing reasons, Chinese Stories already has their own apps and is unlikely to want to do business with a nominal competitor.

We are looking at some other possibilities for graded readers, though - also not outside of our capabilities to commission some ourselves, especially since we really just need the actual texts and not the surrounding definitions / cross-references / etc.


Really glad to see this is happening! :)

Now that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is refusing to approve any new Mandarin Companion books in Kindle Format (nothing wrong with the content, they just don't have a Chinese proofreader on board to check quality of any Chinese-Language submissions), would be amazing if it was possible to sell these in the Pleco e-book store.
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Didn't know about that - had some discussions about this with John before and couldn't make it work, but if he ever wants to talk to us about that again we're certainly open to it :)
Main readon being that I really miss the "single-tap to see definitions" that I get in the Pleco reader
About reading books, there are some interesting ideas in Android DuShu app (upper pinyin, avoid pinyin for known words, definitions only for unknown words, multilingual phrase transltion by google translate...) but also some critical defaults (it's impossible to change dictionary, or read pdf). Anyway also DRM is a problem for books.
A library for buying books is a plus for Pleco.