Pleco premade cards~


I would like to suggest a bunch of features for future product.

1) Premade cards should be available for both old and new HSK 3.0 cards. They should all be tagged with colors associated to HSK book colors.
2) Is it possible like Anki, users are able to share their Pleco flashcard decks with the community inside Pleco. Something like "Browse community cards" in Pleco flashcard. This will help community share their cards based on different book series, lessons wise, and others .
3) Flashcards should automatically sync among different devices, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Pleco-Web (this can be a limited version of Pleco App, where you can simply view flashcards you already have)



Staff member
1) We've already done that, actually; if you tap on Install Premade Cards you should see a prompt to choose which set to install. (tag colors aren't supported in our import format yet but are coming in the future)

2) We have a forum for that now, we'd like to do it directly in-app but we want to get everybody on our new / better flashcard system first.

3) That one's a long-running to-do list item, we're making slow progress towards it but it's incredibly complicated and we're also not sure about the financials; we don't know if we can charge a fee for it when Anki offers free sync, but we're wary of it turning into a giant money pit if we offer it for free ourselves.