Pleco on Windows 11 via WSA


I am aware there are topics that deal with running Pleco on the desktop (i.e. using Bluestacks), but I could not find a thread that deals specifically with the new Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on Windows 11.

WSA as installed via the Microsoft Store currently only allows installation of Android apps via the Amazon store which as of now only contains a small list of curated/tested apps.

However, the Google Play Store can be fairly easily be installed using the method described here:

Pleco installs without issues, below functions work just fine:
- dictionary entries, stroke order, etc.
- still OCR (don't have a webcam to test Live OCR)
- flashcards and user dictionaries
- resizing the app

What does not work:
- the popup definition (that opens after tapping/clicking on a character) causes Pleco to crash (regardless if the tweak "Force software rendering" is enabled or disabled)

- handwriting input, well it does work, but there seems to be an issue with the stroke display area

One step closer to Pleco on the desktop