Pleco for Mac Update?

I love this product and have been using it since I first began my Chinese learning journey years ago. Every once in a while, I have come back to these forums to see if there is an update on the mac version of Pleco. I would love to know if I've missed something, or if this is still being planned!



will this be something where I can update my flashcards on the mac and they'll update on my phone?


Regarding Wenlin, one thing I like about it very much is the ability to look up different definitions all at once and "stack" them for a simultaneous view. Might the future Mac version include tabs for definitions of different words, or perhaps even stacked definitions? For example, currently in Pleco it isn't easy to see the definitions for 狱丁 and 监狱 on the screen at the same time, like here:

Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 16.50.31.png

Multiple definitions in different columns might work, too.

Thanks! If the Mac version features are still under wraps, I would understand.


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I have nothing against Wenlin's UI, but I think this would be a bit of an awkward fit for Pleco because our app is built around a search box rather than a text window; it seems like it would be more natural to just enter both words in the search box like this:

But a tab option for the definition screen is certainly possible - indeed it kind of makes sense since the space for them is awkwardly wide otherwise; probably not in the initial Mac app though since I expect people would rather have a less Mac-optimized version of that out sooner.
Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 8.47.31 AM.jpeg


That sounds wonderful, thanks! It would just be great to have a way to see multiple full definitions at once. So I'm sure you mean a column (or windowed) layout for a future Mac version (after the first Mac release).
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