Pleco filters - learning and reviewing

I'm sure I saw a thread about this question, but I can't find it, so sorry if I'm asking a FAQ.

I only have one card category and one score file and I'd like to organize my test sessions like this:

1. First, new cards are reviewed with the self graded test profile, with a history filter saying "include card if" "not correct in a row" "Is >=3", so I'm sure I see those cards until I'm able to give the correct answer three times in a row.

2. Next, those card that have been answered correctly three times in a row should be reviewed in the spaced repetition profile. I enabled the "history filter" "include card if" "correct in a row" "is >= 3". However, even after waiting a few days no card appears when I start an SRS session.

Thanks for any hint.


Staff member
Have you actually answered any cards correctly 3 times in a row? Could you double check that in those cards' detail pages (in Organize Cards)?

Also, are these two profiles using the same scorefile (select that at the top of the 'Scoring' screen)?
Hello Mike, you were right, the scorefiles were different. I changed that.

But now I'm not sure my settings will work for cramming cards and then having them stop appearing as a "First review" and appearing as SRS instead.