Pleco Document Reader won't open .PPTX files

For a few years, I've been opening .PPT files (PowerPoint 1997-2003) in my Pleco Document Reader.

Recently, some people have sent .PPTX files (PowerPoint newer version), but they won't open (see screenshot). In File Manager, the .PPTX files are "grayed out" (see screenshot).

On my computer, I am able to change the .PPTX file to .PPT with Save As, but if someone sends a .PPTX to my iPhone, I can't convert it to .PPT unless I have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Is there a setting to allow Pleco Document Reader to open .PPTX files? (If not, and someone knows a way to conver from .PPTX to .PPT on the iPhone, I'd like to hear about it. I tried opening in Keynote and converting it, but don't see how.)


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After posting that, I did more experimenting and it appears I can open the .PPTX file in Keynote on the iPhone and then export to a .PDF which I can open in Pleco.

It would still be nice to open the .PPTX in Pleco if that's possible.


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Not currently supported, no - we're looking at adding better native Office file support in a future update but we'd probably concentrate on XLSX first for flashcard imports.