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  1. I tried to use an Android emulator that can run Pleco in Chrome Browser, and it works well, in the esperimental version of Chrome (Canary: ).

    I used ARC runtime environment , in particulate the ARC Welder App ( ). You can generate a zip file for an upload in Chrome Store (but 30% of revenues is for Google!)

    As apk I used the version of the app.

    As you can see in the attached image all is working fine; the only problem is not the file importing feature (the normal file explorer is used) but the exporting feature (I don't know the location of working directories).

    Pleco as Chrome App can grow the diffusion of your good app.


    Furio Petrossi

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  2. mikelove

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    ARC Welder is very buggy at the moment, unfortunately - we'd love to support it more officially if they get it to work more reliably but right now we don't want to be in the position of providing tech support / refunds-if-it-doesn't-work / etc for something so buggy.
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    Hi. I've just signed up to report that an emulator called Amiduos works very well in my Windows 8.1 OS. I purchased the Jelly Bean version after my Arc Welder stopped working at all. I am very pleased with Amiduos, which is far more reliable than Arc Welder, though Amiduos also fails to deliver at times. It does support clip monitoring, but supports neither copy+c nor copy+v.
  4. Well done; I tried as emulator and all works well (in windows 10, also better using the virtualization option in BIOS).
    Chrome app is lighter, but if an app doesn't works well, then an emulator is better!.
  5. Shun

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    Thanks for the recommendation. Did you find that Copy and Paste between Android and Windows/OS X also works with Droid4X? I don't know if I can trust the software package, though. Gotta get a separate PC just for Chinese software. :)

    For the record, the ARC Welder VM that is tied into Chrome has an emulator under the hood, too. (It has to, because the emulated Android code isn't Intel code.)
  6. Dear Shun,

    In Droid4x it's possible to choose a specific "Share" directory.
    For Copy/Paste feature from my computer all works fine, BUT the the copy/paste from Android emulator give to me a sequence of "???" instead of chinese characters (there's a problem in computer setting, perhaps, 'cause I'm Italian).

    I tried also another way. Since Arc Welder is buggy, I tried Vlad Filippov's "ARChon Runtime" in this way:
    The procedure was'nt so simple:

    ------------- another way for using pleco as Chrome app -----

    1) I downloded "ARChon Custom Runtime 2.1.0 - x86_64" in (for Windows 10) and unzipped it in a directory
    1.1) I Installed it in Chrome enabling "Developer Mode" ant pointing to the unzipped directory.

    2) I installed "Archon Packager" in Android in Play Store
    2.1) Running in Android "Archon Packager", I selected the installed application "Pleco" selecting Tablet mode and Landascape and Enabling the access to apps files on PC/Crome: a file was created

    3) I used in my computer, unzipping it and installing it in Chrome ("Developer Mode") pointing to Pleco unzipped directory

    Pleco Now works as Chrome App, and Copy&paste From/to my computer and access to computer directories works fine.

    Note: I'm using Canary version of Chrome, an experimental Chrome release
  7. Shun

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    Dear Furio,

    I tried it on a Mac, but unfortunately, I got an error. (see below, on a Canary version 49) I guess the best solution would be if Google started offering this kind of emulator/VM officially, for Mac/Windows/Linux. They should also have the clout to help software developers resolve any licensing issues. This should give Chrome OS and the Android Open Source Project a further boost and improve interoperability. If there are any counterarguments to this, I'd be glad to hear them.


    Thanks & Regards, Shun
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  8. KingMarcus

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    Hey Folks,
    Any updates to this issue? What is currently the best way to use Pleco as a Chrome browser app? Thanks!
  9. A number of people use the solution:
    Post: "Running Pleco in Chrome on a PC"
    frequently the solution works well.

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