Pleco Api Scheme Back Intent

I'm working on a toy flash card website and am linking to pleco via the plecoapi scheme. I'm not sure if the behavior I'm seeking is currently supported. After clicking the pleco link to visit the app I would like to be able to press the back button once and return to my site. Currently pressing the back button 3 times is required. Once to return to the search page activity, once to close the keyboard dialog, and once to return back to my site. From reading the release notes I noticed that there's a x-success and x-source field, but I haven't been able to find much documentation or get it to work in the desired manner. Any tips or information is appreciated. If you want a link to the site, I can provide it as well if that helps in any way.


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x-success and x-source no longer exist, we should update the documentation - they were only ever available on iOS and only because for a while iOS didn’t have an inter-app back command.

Are you using the option to link directly to the definition screen? That should be going back directly so it sounds like there’s a bug - what device model / Android version are you using?
I tried using both versions of the definition url with and without the search fallback and the both have the same behavior.


I've tested on a nexus 5x using on an old version of lineage os 14.1 which is equivalent to android 7.1.2.
I've also confirmed the issue using a Samsung S9 with the latest version available.

I'll note that the app seems to remember which tab (draw input, puzzle input, or keyboard input) was selected last time you used the app when pressing back from the definition screen even when is was completely closed before following the pleco link.

Here's a link if you want to see the current behavior that I'm describing: