Pinyin Converter Website / App Request (Not PurpleCulture)

Hi there,

I am needing to find a 汉字 to Pinyin converter which can paste the pinyin over the characters into Ms Word without Ms Word thinking it is an image. I've tried Purple Culture but no luck. Other websites / apps I've used end up with one character per line for a whole paragraph. Or if it does work, the pinyin is so close together it's impossible to distinguish when one word begins and ends.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




Hello Christopher, hello rizen,

The best option that I know of is to add a pinyin Phonetic Guide inside Apple Pages, which can be reached by selecting the Chinese text and clicking the right mouse button. This adds the pinyin automatically but also won't care about the space between pinyin syllables. Following is the Pages document converted to Word format. To me, it looks barely acceptable (provided the reader already knows which Chinese syllables exist).

Export from Apple Pages to Word.png

This problem surely was solved a long time ago in the Chinese market, considering that there are plenty of books for children or other learners which include nice pinyin lines with Chinese text. There of course always is some manual work involved, since the pronunciation sometimes depends on the meaning of the character, or whether a word is used as a noun or a verb. Perhaps it could be worthwhile searching the Chinese internet for this type of software.

Google Translate does a pretty good job of adding pinyin. Perhaps that would be the most suitable compromise, since pinyin as separate text will always look good.

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Thanks Rizen and Shun for your suggestions. Yes, I might just have to go with the pinyin only solution. But will first ask Chinese friends for the software you mentioned, as I agree, this has been done.
Many thanks